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The newest miracle from the world of science is brain surgery without scalpels. Using laser-like gamma rays, surgeons can now remove brain tumors as if it were a minor operation. The new procedure doesnít require hospitalization. Best of all, itís pain-free.

The Wired News Story:


Amazing new advances in technology are destined to make surgery safer, faster, and, yes, even cheaper.
The Scientific American Story:

Whatís happening to all that money generated by those wildly successful publicly owned Internet companies? A good deal of it is finding its way to charity. An outstanding example is online auctioneer eBay, with gifts to a church of over $13 million, and several multi-million dollar gifts to universities.

John Meinhardt got a new heart - literally. Saved from death by a heart transplant, the grateful patient has returned to the University of Michigan Medical Center. But this time he bears gifts.

The Detroit Free Press Story: LINK

Dramatically more foster children are being adopted, and finding permanent homes much sooner than in previous years.
The Washington Post Story: LINK

Youíve seen this scene in a movie, but this was real life. A construction worker was trapped in his high-rise crane as the flames rose higher and higher. A helicopter pilot and a firefighter performed a daring rescue just moments before Ivers Sims would have been engulfed in the fire.
The CNN Story: LINK

Ok for those interested in legal stories with a twist of humour...I submit to you the following:

It's very unusual to see so many happy people coming out of a courtroom - especially when they're accompanied by paramedics. Why is everyone laughing?

The Denver Post Story: LINK

Footnote from Digital Images: Can you say N2O?

Who are America's best and brightest in the fields of journalism, literature, and the arts? Check out the list of 1999 Pulitzer Prize winners to find out.
The Pulitzer Prize Site: VISIT HERE

The Washington Redskins football team was recently sold for a record $800 million. Where is all that money going? To college scholarships. The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation will be one of the largest foundations in the US.

With the first transplant of an entire human hand, science is giving new hope to accident victims.
The Hand Transplant web site: www.handtransplant.com

What are the 100 greatest moments in TV history? The space walk? Johnny Carson's first night on the air? The final episode of MASH? Check out Entertainment Weekly's version.
The Entertainment Weekly Top 100 list: cgi.pathfinder.com

Do you just HAVE to have the latest gadget? Okay - we've got a new one for you; the hand-held two-way TV transmitter.
The MSNBC Story: www.msnbc.com.

Well, he didn't get paid for his one day's worth of work, but 18 year-old David Provencher has the satisfaction of knowing that he created Princess Atta, the spider in the new Disney movie "A Bug's Life". He also has a job waiting for him.
The Associated Press Story: CLICK HERE.

What are kids doing with their spare time today? It may surprise you to learn that intellectually challenging games like chess are growing in popularity. Take Andrew Ardito: He's a brilliant chess champion, despite the fact that, at six-years old, he's too young to cross the street by himself.
The Times Union Story: www.timesunion.com

A leader popular among his own people; a voice of moderation in a troubled region of the world; King Hussein ruled Jordan for almost half a century. His people mourn as the world pays tribute.

The ABC News Story: abcnews.go.com

How many of the 615 million passengers who flew in US registered commercial planes last year died in crashes? None. Not a single one. For the first time in history, there was not a single fatality as the result of a US plane flying anywhere in the world. This includes not only the big jets, but also the much smaller commercial commuter flight. An amazing achievement. The USA Today Story:www.usatoday.com

13 year-old Katie Lewis has the kind of job other kids can only dream about - she tells her parents, who happen to own a toy company, which toys are cool. The Associated Press Story HERE

Which are the best companies in America to work for? Check the Fortune Magazine list to see if you work for one of them. The Fortune Magazine List: www.pathfinder.com THE POSITIVE PRESS www.PositivePress.org In Canada you can stop by the Monster board they have lots of great opportunities across the country, and don't forget the Employment News, they also have excellent opportunities.† The site addresses are. english.monster.ca www.employmentnews.com

Want to help a rock star compose lyrics, write liner notes, or design cover art? Or perhaps you just need a new Internet Service Provider. Either way David Bowie's BowieNet may be just the ticket. The Entertainment Weekly Story: cgi.pathfinder.com/ew/features/981113/bowie THE POSITIVE PRESS www.PositivePress.org

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What's a quasar? A super-bright light on the very edge of the universe. And the boundary of the universe continues to expand:† astronomers in New Mexico, using the most complex camera ever built, have identified three previously unknown quasars. The Associated Press Story: http://www.abqjournal.com/scitech/1sunspot12-09.htm


The power of the Internet is being harnessed for philanthropic purposes:† The Chicago Sun-Times is using the Internet to help answer letters to Santa from needy children.† You can play Santa to one of these kids by signing up at:suntimes.com

This weeks Light News story comes from the web pages of the Positive Press.† According to a Reuters story a myth, a 1,400 year old legend about the tomb of a saintly monk would be found under a Pagoda.† And then, as television viewers from around China watched, the legend came to life.† The Reuters Story can be found at the the website listed below, or at the Positive Press website.

Food From The Hood is a student based business born out of the riots in Los Angeles California.† The program provides funding for college.† The program got started in 1992.† The business sells salad dressing to raise the funds for college.† To date 66 students have passed through the program, 63 are attending college, 3 hope to follow.† Taken from Positive News at Positivenews.com.

Another story from the pages of the Toronto sun. Ah, what the heck lets make it two.† In Bankok a Buddhist monk, Phra maha Bua Yanasampanno turned over 3.9 million dollars worth of gold to the Thai government.† The 87 year old monk collected the gold from donors across Thailand to help the government with its current economic crisis.† And, in Oslo Norway a man faces charges after stealing a armored rocket launching vehicle.† The man stole the vehicle, 25ft in length, and took it for a joy ride through hedges, and flower beds before he was arrested.†

In London a 19 year old was charged with robbery, "so what?" you say.† Well, he robbed five gas stations with nothing but his mothers tights on his head.† The reason he did not want to be identified by his clothing.† He was identified by his body shape, blemishes, and vaccination marks on his body, and his uncircumsized.., well you get the idea.† To see this story stop by ,HERE and click on "BUT IT'S FUN".

Our story comes from the "This Is True" website, at thisistrue.com. 81 year old Stanley S. Newberg was very kind to the U.S. Government, giving 5.6 million dollars in cash to them. His way of thanking the U.S. for giving him citizenship during the second world war. Mr. Newberg was a jew fleeing the Nazis. His death is the U.S. governments gain for two minutes, thats how long the money will last based on the spending rates in 1984.

Once again our story comes from the pages of Readers Digest, this one is sure to put a smile on your face. P. A. Gurney of Burnaby B.C. had just bought a pair of bifocal glasses. While directing a choir she noticed that she could read the music, but when she looked at the choir members things got fuzzy, and when she looked at Grace, her organist she really felt sick. In an an attempt to explain her difficulty she said the following "The music is fine, and the choir isn't too bad, but every time I look at Grace I want to throw up." Taken from Readers Digest 03/97. Got a funny true story? Let me know, you may see it on this page. You can send e-mail to:Cliff James

Lori Vooys of Milo AB had an unusual, and rather funny incident occur in her home one day. Her son Andrew came into the kitchen area wearing his dads fishing vest, fearing for her sons safety she went to the 3 year old to take the vest, which has hooks on it, off. At the same time the phone rang, Mrs Vooys asked her 5 year old daughter to answer the phone while she attended to Andrew. When she was finished she went to the phone, the caller exclaimed that she had a wrong number, Mrs Vooys being curious stayed on the line. According to Mrs. Vooys the caller stayed on the line because the child on the phone said mommy couldn't answer the phone, she wasn't done taking daddy's clothes off. Taken from Life's Like That, Readers Digest 04/98

If you have a funny story thats true let me know, I may print it on this section of the page, yes you too can be famous. E-mail: Cliff James.

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