Digital Images RATE-O-METER

This is a new system designed by Digital Images that shows a site's visitors what to expect from a site before entering. The system looks "hokey", but it works. Please read below for an explanation of the system:

Each site is rated in four areas, violence (V), language (L), dialogue (D), and nudity (N). A traffic light below each letter indicates the level for each category.

Violence (V):

GREEN: The site contains no references to violence, photos of violent acts, or words or phrases condoning violence.

YELLOW: The site contains mild references to violence, and may discuss violence, or damage to non-living things. It may also display photos depicting mild acts of violence or self-defense.

RED: The site contains references to gratuitous violence, such as gang activity. It may also discuss acts of "won-ton" violence, and use words or phrases that make reference to violence, and discussions on the destruction of non-living things. Some photos may be displayed showing acts of gratuitous violence.

Language (L):

GREEN: No "unacceptable" language or slang is contained on the site.

YELLOW: Site contains street-slang words such as "sucks", or "blows". It may also contain mild language such as "damn" or "hell".

RED: Site contains course language such as "sh", and "f".

Dialogue (D):

GREEN: Dialogue is safe for all ages.

YELLOW: Dialogue contains material of a mature nature, such as, the discussion of child pornography.

RED: Dialogue contains material of an adult nature, such as, the discussion of hardcore sex.

Nudity (N):

GREEN: The site contains no nudity.

YELLOW: The site contains photos of people wearing "provocative" clothing, or partial frontal nudity.

RED: The site contains photos of partially nude, or fully naked people.


G-Safe For All Ages: this rating is only given to sites with all four green lights.

PG-Over 13 Only: this rating is given to a site if any one light is yellow, but has no red lights.

R-Over 18 Only: this rating is given to any site that has any one red light in the "V"," L", or "D" categories.

X-Adult Site: this rating is given to any site that has a red light in the "N" category.

Currently, Digital Images does not operate any "X" rated sites.