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Site Of the Week


Have the urge to create or maybe you want to spruce up the current web page you have. Our site of the week offers all kinds of tips for those who wish to create a web page or update the one they have. You can visit Dr. Web at LINK


The site of the week is a front page to many other sites that deal with wireless and cabled communications links. Telegraph, under water cable and even teletype are discussed on the pages this site links to. Take a look by clicking on the link below:

The site of the week is a front page to many other sites that deal with wireless and cabled communications links. Telegraph, under water cable and even teletype are discussed on the pages this site links to. Take a look by clicking on the link below


The site of the week features a form of amateur radio called EME (Earth Moon Earth)...The communication between radio operators using the moon as a reflector for the signal...Itís a bit technical in nature, but I think you will find this site, as well as the links on it very interesting...They also discuss other modes of communications as well...

Is E.T. out there?...Radio telescopes are being used around the world to find out if there are others amoung us. Our site of the week is just one of many which discusses how scientists are using radio to map space and look for other forms of life amoung the stars.

Banner Exchanges are a common thing on web sites, it is probably the best way to get noticed on the web. So if you are looking to get noticed, why not try looking at our site of the week, C&D Marketplace. Here you will find links to many of the banner exchanges on the web, and the best part, itís free!


There is more to Real Audio than just listening to radio stations or watching TV on the Web. You can listen to Police, fire, weather, and aircraft. Here is just one of the many sites that are on the net that gives you a portal to the sites that feature these forms of comunications. I should also menton that Windows Media player can also be used. There may also be other media formats available as well. Have fun listening.

Ever wonder what the heck va, or ru are in an e-mail you see means. If you guessed that it is a country code your right. The site of the week contains the complete listing of countries on the net. The interesting thing is they are similar to what you may find if you listen to ham radio operators on short wave. You will hear them use a combination of letters, and numbers, called a call sign. Well in a sense that is what your e-mail address is.

My first attempt at creating a web site...This site will be launched July first...Take a look at the design, and let me know what ya think...

I also came across an interesting site that you may want to look at..www.ask-a-tech.org. The site allows any one who may be having pc trouble, orMac, to ask their questions free of charge..

Tired of all the bad news, fed up with NATO, Kosovo, and Littleton...Well you can visit a web site which features happier news stories...Not by journalists, or other media types, but by ordinary folks...The address is (happynews.com) And, since I am in a good mood, I am going to give you a second site to visit...
is a group promoting micro broadcasting in the U.S. Micro radio is very low power, very local radio...Read about it at this site....

Our site of the week is none other than the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The ITU works with government, and industry to regulate, and set guidelines for world communications. There are a lot of interesting things to read about on this site, check it out for yourself.

The Free On Line dictionary of Computing is an excellent resource for computer users...Ever wonder what modems do, or how a protocol gets set, or what on earth a domain name is. Stop by this site, and find out for yourself.

Looking for a definitive answer on a topic, say telepones, or radio. You'll find the answers to your questions at Encyclopedia.com. This is an extensive collection, on just about any topic you can imagine. Drop by, and see for yourself.


I'm feeling rather gracious this week, so if you have a web page, communications oriented submit it. I will take a look at it, and if it qualifies I will post it to the site next week. To submit a URL e-mail: Cliff James.
C. James.

Morse Code Goes to the Movies is a web site which lists TV, movie, commercial, and documentary information that features the international morse code, no longer in use commercially, or militarily. In most cases the code heard was poor, and quite honestly dribble. That's show biz for you. Take a look at the site, I think youll be quite surprised at what you'll find.

Believe it or not your computer is a communications platform. Whether you using a fax program, or e-mail. Knowing how computers, and the hardware they have in them work enables us to understand the unique qualities of the machine we call our computer. Visit the Illustrated Guide to computer hardware, and find out how your communications platform works.

Cliff James World of Communications and Digital Images announces Point-Counter Point Web Site...
A new web page dedicated to the art of debate is now being created. Point Counter Point will offer readers a chance to view commentaries on the various topics presented in the below mentioned categories.

Law & Policing, Social Issues, Community Interest, In the News.

Paul, Digital Images President, and Cliff, World of Communications author will present commentaries on the issues of the day, and will invite readers to join in the debate.
Point Counter Point was originally broadcast as a weekly radio program on a local community radio station in Hamilton Ontario. The radio station was CHMR Mohawk Cable FM, located at Mohawk College. Today that station is C101.5. The concept was to debate a point, and that very concept will apply to the web site, with one major difference; visitors will be encouraged to join in the debate.
The site is currently under construction. Once the site is up on a server readers will be able to point their browsers to the site from a link created on this web site, and Six Lies on Videotape.

C. James.

Another historical site, this one focuses on the media, and it's history, from ancient to modern times. Take a look, at: www.mediahistory.com

I'll let you choose one???† Any takers?† Remember it has to be a communications related site.†e-mail it here. --C. James

The Basis of all communication is sound, sound waves, and frequency. This weeks website, composed by the students of St. Marys High School in Manhasset NY explores the science of sound.† A nicely done page, take a look at. SCIENCE OF SOUND

Our web site of the week is Britan's Pirate Radio station.† You probably won't hear Chris Sheppherd here, but you will hear great British music, and probably some North American music as well. CLICK HERE TO VISIT PIRATE RADIO

A suggestion from one of our many visitors, thanks Pete.† The CBC is Canada's national public broadcaster.† The corporation has a long history dating back to the early 30s.† Today it is still the national voice of Canada.† You can visit the site here.

From dots & dashes to the internet, communications has certainly come a long way.† For those of you who are history buffs, a site which features 100 years of telegraphy, the real beginnings of communications. 100 YEARS OF RADIO - HOME PAGE

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